About USIM


Universiti Sains Islam Malaysia (USIM) is an Islamic university which is the 12th university wholly owned and funded by the Government of Malaysia. USIM goal is to become a leader in all aspects of science and as a global reference center for the integration of Naqli & 'Aqli knowledge. 

USIM uses a balance approach in education, namely implementing the elements that meet the physical and spiritual needs, as not only strengthening the academic programs offered, but also in administrative and management practices as well. The approach encompasses a holistic approach towards the delivery of knowledge that unites the Science of Revelation (Naqli) and Science of Rational ('Aqli). 

USIM offers a unique model for higher education in Islam, which distinguishes it from other Islamic universities around the world. The integration of religion with social and physical sciences in all USIM academic program, has provided a comprehensive understanding and offer new approaches and solutions to current global problems.

The education paradigm at USIM is based on the basic principle that integrating religious sciences with social and physical sciences will not only provide a more comprehensive understanding of current global challenges, but also offer a fresh alternative in approaching and solving them. This is because of the universal nature of Islamic values, and history has proven that these values can be shared by all humankind; living together harmoniously with mutual respect and tolerance. It is also an effort towards reviving the scientific and technological feats of Muslim scholars in the past and moving it forward. USIM graduates are moulded within this ethos, so that they are not only able to function as professionals in their respective disciplines effectively, but at the same time are ready to contribute and make a difference to the society in the Islamic tradition.
USIM is committed to be excellent in three tracks in terms of its academic programmes and research. The tracks are;

  1. Islamic Studies, Quran and Sunnah
  2. Islamic Science, Technology and Engineering
  3. Islamic Arts, Social Science and Humanities

The three aspects are supported by the five (5) Centre of Excellence which hold responsibility in improving the research environment. In order, to ensure that the objectives outlined are manifested and achieved, USIM’s strategic plan 2016-2025 (or known as PSU 2016-2025) has been defined and will serve as a document for reference and guidance for USIM to strive forward. 




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